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We can fax in a Ministry Quote


If your move is covered by the Ministry for Social Development or Disability we can help. We can fax a moving quote to the Ministry for their approval. Typically they will require three moving companies to each submit a flat rate quote for your move.

Before calling us make sure you have your SR Number and the office fax number or we will not be able to assist you. We only fax to known ministry fax numbers and we do not email ministry quotes. During our phone conversation we will need detailed information about all your items to be moved. It is important to be accurate with us so we can fax the Ministry of Social Development a fair moving quote. We do not pass on your inventory list to your worker or ask for the item values so please be honest.


Once we have an accurate idea of the items being shipped and the layout of the old home and the new one we will be able to fax a fair estimate to the Ministry of Social Development office. We will fax the Ministry quote the same day, but the Ministry may take a little time before approving a moving estimate. Sometimes it is processed in a day or two and sometimes longer. Having your estimates faxed in with your SR Number will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Once the office has three quotes they typically choose the lowest bid. The office will call us to approve our bid and arrange for payment and then we will call you to set up the move.


The biggest mistakes we see is the client getting hourly rates instead of a flat quote. Also we often see clients getting only two quotes because they were misinformed and then when it gets close to their moving date they still haven’t been approved because the office is waiting for a third quote. Another big mistake is waiting until the last minute to get the Social Services moving quotes faxed in. We have seen them process a quote almost immediately, but we have seen a client not get approved in time and end up in a difficult scenario of not being out of their old home when they were supposed to be.


Always talk to your worker first. Get your SR Number and the proper fax number and submit your three ministry quotes as early as possible.

We can fax in a welfare moving quote for you. Just contact us.