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Should you empty your dresser drawers before moving day.


Short answer - YES it is better! It is best to empty the dresser drawers before moving day, but we can handle it if you don't.

Moving a particle board dresser

If your dresser is made of particle board like a typical Ikea dresser then you must empty the drawers. Particle board is famous for being beautiful and expensive to buy, but cheaply built and weak and with the extra weight in the drawers something is bound to break. They are strong enough for their purpose when standing vertical, but when tipped there is often not enough strength to hold it all together. These type of dressers are not made with screws that are screwed into wood. The wooden pegs are almost never glued into place when people assemble them at home. The locking discs are often not locked when assembled or somehow unlock over time.

When the mover tips the dresser all these weaknesses appear and normally everything holds together with just enough strength, but add the extra weight in the drawers and there is a giant risk the dresser will come apart at its weakest link. It can still break without weight in it, but with weight the odds are against you.

Wood Dressers are Best Emptied For Moving Day

Actual wood dressers can usually handle some extra weight in the drawers. They are simply better built. The wood and screws are superior in strength compared to the glued sawdust and pegs that are standard with particle board. When we tip the wooden dresser it does not fall apart at the seams. So you can leave some clothes in the drawers, but consider the overall weight of the item being moved. A heavy dresser could be too heavy if the drawers are full. Consider emptying the drawers if we are carrying the dresser up three flights of stairs.

Sometimes we will remove the drawers and move each drawer individually. This is necessary if the overall weight is too heavy. We will carry it all to the truck and then in the truck we put the drawers back into the dresser to keep it safe during transit.

When in doubt empty the dresser drawers before moving day. We recommend using empty luggage and gym bags and then boxes.

Dresser drawers shrink wrapped

Using garbage bags

Lots of people use garbage bags to move excess clothing that is appropriate for that. Socks and t-shirts are suitable examples for this. Just make sure to use high quality garbage bags or double bag if unsure of the strength. Keep weight in mind so as to not over fill a bag so it rips open because of too many clothes in one bag.

Wardrobe boxes

We will bring three wardrobe boxes to use on moving day which are meant for fine hanging clothes. They are not appropriate for clothes from the dressers.

Private items

Consider boxing up under garments and private items before angel movers arrive. Sometimes we need to open the top drawer a bit to get a better hold and sometimes we need to remove the drawers and move them separately. If there are things we shouldn’t see it is best to remove them.

Definitely empty the drawers

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