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How to move during Covid. First movers like open windows for fresh air. We will get through Corona Virus together.


Moving during the Covid-19 Epidemic is not ideal. Moving at anytime is usually stressful, but Coronavirus is off the charts. If you have no other choice, take all possible precautions and pick a proactive moving company to help with your move.

Do Not Move If You Are Sick

You must not move if you are sick. It is not okay to sneak it through. If you are in self isolation or quarantine than you must do your part. Remember, you could make someone very sick. Covid-19 is a dangerous situation for all of us and Angel’s Moving Company is trusting you to be honest. Be responsible and be safe. You can easily reschedule your move.

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Don’t Pack The Soap Before Moving Day

The best advice we all hear is to wash our hands and practice social distancing. Don’t pack up all your soap. Make sure you have some soap in the bathroom for the movers to use. Make a point to have some in your new home also in case the men need to wash their hands. Hand sanitizer is great if you can find any. If you have hand sanitizer offer it to the men throughout the day.

Maintain Social Distance During The Move

Maintain your social distance while moving. Give the movers lots of space while they are working. Don’t be afraid to stand back and point to the men where you want them to put your furniture. They will not be offended. Please do not be offended if the men keep their distance from you whenever possible. It is now socially polite to maintain social distance.

Cleaning Kills Covid-19 On Surfaces

COVID-19 is reported to not live too long on most surfaces. Wipe down your furniture before and after the move to protect you and your mover. Most household cleaners are said to do a fine job killing the Coronavirus. Keep in mind there is likely no virus present, but better to be safe. Plus you will have a fresh clean home to enjoy immediately.

Movers Like Open Windows For Fresh Air

Open the windows to allow fresh air into the home during the move. Whether that will scientifically help is debatable, but it feels better for the movers to breathe the fresh air compared to a stuffy room with no circulation. The fresh air is better for us and we are told more Coronavirus transmissions are from closed rooms with poor air circulation compared to being in the open air.

Stay Informed About Corona virus

Stay informed and up to date on the Coronavirus Epidemic. There is plenty of good information on the news and online. Trusted government health agencies are the best choice for Covid-19 information. Keep in touch with your movers and don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions. Angel’s Moving® is here to help throughout Coronavirus and we look forward to serving you after this nightmare is over.

We Are Being Proactive During Covid-19

On our side we are washing our hands more often. We provide lots of gloves for our staff. Daily, we are cleaning our truck cabs including the steering wheel, window handles, and door handles. We stopped offering free wardrobe boxes to use as they were used by several customers. We are staying up to date with health officials and communicating best practices with our staff and customers.

Act Wisely But Do Not Worry

MATTHEW 6:27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? — 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

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