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Rest assured you are in good hands. With our up front moving quotes and hard working movers you can relax and enjoy your move. It is a big day. It's exciting moving to a new home. We are here for you every step of the way.

Vancouver movers you can trust. Choosing from so many different Vancouver movers can be stressful, but Angel's Moving makes it a simple decision. 4 steps to consider when choosing between Vancouver moving companies.


Choosing Vancouver Movers can be a daunting task because there are so many options to choose from. Of course you want a reputable company and a fair price, but you want to choose one of the best and avoid the rest.

First, are the Movers in Vancouver? Because a lot of companies advertise as Vancouver Movers, but are not actually a Vancouver based moving company. Angel’s Moving has been based in Vancouver since inception in 2005. We know the neighbourhoods and the parking restrictions and all the nooks and crannies that an out of town company does not. Compared to an out-of-towner, if you live here you know how to find a parking spot and the same goes for a local mover who lives and works in Vancouver.

We know all the tricks because we have years of experience moving in your exact building and from your exact street. In other words, our men have moved in your apartment building, they know where to park, and they can save a lot of time and hassle because of their experience moving in Vancouver.

For instance, we know we can’t park on Granville Street or 12th avenue and Broadway Street only during posted times. And what about special events like the Sun Run and the Vancouver Marathon. We know how to get around the obstacles and when we can not move on certain streets due to local events like the Pride Parade.

4 steps to choose Vancouver movers. We have been based in Vancouver since 2005. We are your neighbours.
- Angel's Moving

Second, when choosing Vancouver Movers check their affiliations. We are Better Business Bureau members which says a lot about a company. It shows they will support you throughout the move and stand by you if there are any problems. Being a BBB Member shows you we care and will provide a professional experience. We have been vetted to become a member and we must adhere to their policies of professional service and respect to maintain our membership.

Third, before choosing Vancouver Movers check them out online. Are they up front with their prices and policies or is it a hidden thing where prices change and policies are anybodies guess. We email you a confirmation letter with the prices and policies outlined. As well, we post them online so there is no confusion or surprises. Are hidden prices really what you want? Not to mention, do hidden prices change on moving day when it is too late to turn back.

Fourth, when hiring Vancouver Movers ask around. Ask your friends and neighbours if they can recommend a good moving company. If you live in an apartment building ask the building manager or concierge as they see a lot of movers on a regular basis. We have many apartment managers recommend us because they know we do a good job and they see us blanket wrapping for the customer. Most of our business is referral based and we work hard to earn it.

Locals know best and the owners and most of the employees live and work in Vancouver. We are your neighbours and we appreciate your support. Reach out to Angel’s Moving for your upcoming move.


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